Being special

I’ve always written paranormal romance, whether it was in fashion, or out. People who are out of the ordinary, whether vampires or Saxon witches, an artificial intelligence or someone who can travel in time, just seemed more interesting. And besides, don’t we all want to be extraordinary? I used to fantasize as a child about getting a magic power. As I grew older, I decided the super power I want is the ability to give someone five pounds just by touching them. This may have been triggered by several visits to the Academy Awards (guest, not award winner, needless to say.) In the ladies’ room, I saw beautiful women who were so thin each vertebrae stood out in their backs, like a fossil. I really wanted to give them something I could definitely spare.

In my most recent books, the Magic Series, I write about the Tremaine family, whose members have magic in their DNA passed down from Merlin of Camelot. Merlin’s magic was dispersed and lost over time but now it’s gathering again. When one of the Tremaine siblings meets another with the magic gene, the attraction results in true love and a unique magic power for each. I get to think up a superpower for everybody. Fun. Sounds fun for the characters too, right?

But if you’re extraordinary in some way, your problems can be bigger too, and that’s certainly true for Tremaines. For one thing, they’re not the only ones with magic. Some magic genes come from Morgan Le Fay, and members of Morgan’s Clan don’t like competition. They want those who don’t share their vision of the future dead and that includes Tremaines.

Secondly, is it really so easy to be different? Each of the siblings must wrestle with the certainty that they’ll get magic, and that they’ll be so attracted to another person they really have no choice but to bond for life. In the first of the series, DO YOU BELIEVE IN MAGIC? the bad-boy brother, Tristram, thinks he so different from the rest of his family that the magic has passed him by. He’s in for a shock. In HE’S A MAGIC MAN, the oldest sister, Drew, is sure of her destiny. But the man who raises her magic power is an alcoholic who’s still in love with his dead wife. Oooh. That hurts.

Each Tremaine will wrestle with having a destiny, loving almost against their will, and getting magic they don’t understand and may not be able to control. The love and support of the family may sometimes be the only thing that gets them through.

One of the reasons I like writing about special people is because it teaches me how to live with whatever makes me different. I think readers get the same experience. It’s tough to get comfortable in your own skin, and all of us need a reminder now and then that being different is a good thing, even though it didn’t seem like that when you were in eighth grade.

Now, I’d like to hear from you. What super power would you have if you could?

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Being special — 2 Comments

  1. my family, both sides, has had people “listen”to their “inner” voice.
    Worked well for us.
    Love the Magic Series and am eagerly awaiting the books on the youngest two.
    Thank you for ALWAYS providing an engrossing and enjoyable read.

    Pat Palm

  2. I never had dreams or thoughts of super powers when I was younger …. well maybe magically having my homework done lol. My one daughter has always thought about and dreamed of being able to fly. Now I would love to be able to teleport anywhere. How awesome would it be to be able to just travel anywhere 🙂

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