Getting myself together

It’s been a while since I posted. Health issues in my family are to blame. But things have resolved and life goes on. I guess that’s the basic lesson here.

Blitz and I have been competing in Obedience competitions sponsored by local American Kennel Club chapters. We’re working on the Open level, which is sort of like a Master’s Degree. Blitz is so good–attentive, sharp, eager at working. What more could you ask? But today it was raining cats and dogs at a competition, which in California are outdoors. Now, he’s a sheepdog. He’s supposed to work herding sheep in all weathers. He has a big black coat. He never gets wet to the skin.

I don’t think Blitz got that memo. Or more likely he’s become a California house dog with a dog door. Sigh. He looked so miserable in the competition ring, even the judge had to laugh. He dragged himself around the exercises, always looking outside the ring for something more interesting, or perhaps for shelter from the weather. Needless to say, we didn’t pass today. But you just move on. There will be other, non-rainy days.

And that’s probably the second lesson. There will be other, non-rainy days in life, and we just have to keep going until we find them. So I loved on Blitz, my big, intelligent, wussy boy, and gave him a jackpot of last night’s leftover steak. He needs to know that it won’t always be raining too. And that for getting through the rain, you sometimes get steak.

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