The Burning:
Deleted Scenes

The Burning
WARNING!!!!! These deleted scenes contain spoilers. They should be read only after reading the book!
DELETED SCENE 1 — London: March, 1822: Stephan Sincai steadied himself with that memory of control as he swayed in the dark alleyway off Cockspur Street behind the Admiralty.
DELETED SCENE 2 — Amsterdam, 1811: The man was disheveled, desperate and newly made. Stephan could feel the slow vibrations of one whose blood had been infected by the Companion only recently.
DELETED SCENE 3 — Paris, 1811: "Beatrix…" The darkness in the nave was not an obstacle. He could see her luminous skin, the banked coals of her auburn hair, and those wonderful brown eyes clearly.
DELETED SCENE 4 — Carpathian Mountains, Transylvania, December 1819: The wind tore off the snowy peaks behind him as he guided his sturdy mountain horse down the torturous path toward the tiny village in the valley. It was not that he did not feel the cold, but that his soul welcomed it.
DELETED SCENE 5 — Mirso, February, 1822: Things had changed. For months at night, the three of them took turns coercing his power.