The Companion: Reader's Guide

1. Is this book erotic? Erotica? Why or why not?

2. Are Vampires erotic in and of themselves? Why or why not?

3. To what romance subgenre do you feel this book belongs? Regency? Historical? Paranormal? Are those labels useful for readers?

4. This book was influenced by the work of Patrick O’Brian. What did Patrick O’Brian write? Where do you see the influence operating? (It’s in more places than you think!)

5. The Regency was an extremely structured age, in manners, art, society, etc. How does that backdrop affect a vampire story?

6. In some ways the Regency age was yearning for drama (remember, it was the birth of the romantics movement too!). In some ways the vampire world in this book is longing for structure (the Rules of Rubius and the Elders). Discuss.

7. Would this story have worked if it was set in a modern age?

8. Discuss the role of women in this time period. What were a woman’s options if she didn’t marry?

9. Is the theory about erosion on the Sphinx real? What does that say to you?

10. This story takes place at the dawn of archeology. What role did the Rosetta Stone play? Where was it found?

11. Is Asharti a satisfying villain? Why or why not?

12. How much historical detail do you like in a book?

13. Can a hero who drinks blood be sympathetic? How?

14. Discuss the role played by Fedeyah and Beatrix Lisse in the story.

15. The story of which character in the book do you think should be told next?

16. If you could become immortal, and the price was drinking blood, would you?

17. How does this book flout vampire “conventions”? Does that bother you?

The Companion by Susan Squires