1. Why do you think Beatrix really left Stephan?

2. What hold did Asharti have over Beatrix?

3. Nature or nurture? What made Asharti the way she was in your opinion?

4. What was Stephan’s plan for his two protégés? Where did his plan go wrong?

5. At the end, why didn’t Stephan tell Beatrix how he felt about her?

6. Define second innocence. Who in real life was a proponent of this concept?

7. What made John Constable and J.M.W. Turner different from other painters of their day?

8. Why did the British use dismasted ships to imprsion criminals and prisoners of war?

9. Why is John attracted to Beatrix?

10. How would it feel to live forever? Why is that a mixed blessing?

11. What did John have to learn in order to embrace his new nature?

12. What did Beatrix have to learn in order to avoid having to immur herself in Mirso Monastery?

13. Why is the concept of Mirso Monastery comforting to the vampire world?

14. Why are made vampires a threat to vampire society?

15. Which character do you think the next book should be about?

The HUNGER by Susan Squires

May, 2015


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“Susan Squires has a fascinating, unique voice; she is a rare talent.” --Christine Feehan