The Burning:
Deleted Scene 5

The Burning

Mirso, February, 1822

Things had changed. For months at night, the three of them took turns coercing his power. They roused him on the battlements, stopped his release until sensation lanced through him and the molten lava at his center threatened his sanity. They would chant with him, helping him to focus on whatever his target was. He blew stones from the crenellated tower, or started logs ablaze in the forest. It got easier, if no more comfortable. He could raise that transcendent burning feeling almost at will.

During the day Stancie came to him to take her pleasure. She seemed to need more and more stimulation. She sucked at his torn flesh and rocked on his cock in orgasm after orgasm, unable, apparently to be satiated. She was always careful to control his ejaculation, though. He found release only in the bursts of energy that devastated the targets set him each night. Stephan existed in some twilight of sexual pain. His cock had become an instrument of his own torture. But he embraced that torture. He was on his path. Freya praised his efforts. Even Dee took grim satisfaction in his progress.

Freya entered alone one night, carrying some linen cloth, a rough wool robe and a hemp rope. "Remove your chains and dress yourself." She smiled. "My father wishes to see you."

Rubius wanted to see him? He felt himself alternately flush and go white. He had seen no one but these three women and the monks who saw to his needs in how long? It seemed like forever. Would Rubius declare him fit and send him into the world? He drew the power. The darkness whirled around him. He melted through the rough iron shackles and stood. She handed him the linen.

"Bind your loins."

He flushed. That was to conceal his ever-present erection. He wound the linen about his hips, drew it between his legs and tied it, drawing his shaft tight to his belly. Then, shame-faced, he took the robe and slid the rough cloth over his head. It rasped at his sensitive skin. He tied the hemp around his waist without looking at her, and followed her into the corridor.

Rubius was seated at a writing desk in his luxurious quarters when Freya opened the door and motioned him in. Dee and Stancie stood in front of the fire. Stephan vowed to be the perfect Penitent, obedient, eager to do the Eldest's will. He put down his fear. Rubius might set him a test. He refused to think what that test might entail. Whatever it was, he would pass it.

Rubius finished his line, the quill scratching across the paper. Then he sat back. "My daughters tell me you are almost ready, Penitent."

"Your will is my command, Eldest." Stephan stood with head bowed, concentrating on being as empty as he could be.

"Would you like to examine him, father?" Dee asked. "We could demonstrate."

He waved the thought away. "Not necessary. You three are the experts. I bow to your experience. How long?"

"A month I suppose…." Dee trailed off.

"You have a week." Rubius's naturally jolly face frowned. "I have word that Kilkenny has made inroads into the British government. He thinks to turn England into a base to use against me. Who knows how many he has made?"

"His plan cannot work," Stancie laughed. "No one can touch you, father."

"Don't be too sure," Rubius admonished. "You are thinking of a single enemy, or ten. But what about a thousand? Even if they are newly made, sheer numbers can win out."

Horror took root in Stephan's belly.

"Surely he does not have thousands!" Freya exclaimed.

"Not yet." Rubius's bow mouth, framed by his white whiskers, was set and grim. "That is why you have no time. Ready him." He turned to Stephan. "And you-apply yourself more strictly! Your atonement is about to begin."

These many months had not been atonement? Stephan found his breath coming shallowly. All he had suffered had only been preparation. His atonement would be killing vampires. Many vampires.

"A week!" Freya shook her head as they left Rubius's apartments. "Only a week to learn to suppress the erections and use the power without them?"

"And only a week to banish the remainder of his emotion," Stancie added, following.

"A week is too little for the final phase," Dee said briskly, as they wound their way back down into the bowels of the monastery. She glanced behind her to Stephan. "We shall simply have to apply ourselves. He can't go jauntering about the country with an erection. And he needs to suppress every ounce of emotion if he is to have a chance against them."

Stancie was pouting as she brought up the rear. "I hope father gives us another one to train. Else how will I fulfill my needs?"

"I'm sure you will find a way to satisfy yourself," Freya said dryly. She glanced back to Stephan, doubt writ on her face. Did she think he wasn't up to killing their nemesis?

"We will not use him, only raise his erections that he might practice his control," Dee said. They wound down a spiral staircase into the darkness. "We all must sacrifice in order to build our perfect killing tool, Stancie."

Stephan didn't feel like a perfect killing tool. He had allowed himself the emotion of horror when Rubius talked about the many vampires being made. Even now he had to admit that fear coiled in his belly. He had no idea how he would ever learn to suppress the erections which had become almost constant with him. Once the Daughters had encouraged his tumescence, even required it. Now it was forbidden?

They came again to the familiar room. It had been a hateful prison, a grating place of suffering. Now it seemed…comforting. He never wanted to leave it.

"All right!" Dee clapped her hands. "We begin." She pointed to a place on the rug and Stephan knelt. "We will work round the clock if we must. First, we will go over a new chant. Repeat after me, Penitent……"

He would sit on his bench, his back to the fire, fully erect, chanting while Stancie cut him over and over again, licked him to keep the wounds open, then let his Companion heal them and began again. They used him many times each night, of course, but now, he would chant to himself to keep from coming, and they would let him hold himself as long as he could before they stepped in with their will to keep him bottled up. In the early days, they had often rested his cock by having him pleasure them with his mouth, but now, even when he licked them, another was stimulating his genitals, to provide him extra exercise in control. He practiced that control during the days when he was chained, hard and needing in front of the fire.

He could not control his dreams though. He dreamed of early days with Beatrix and Asharti, and in his dreams he and Beatrix loved each other and Asharti was whole and sane. She was happy that Stephan and Beatrix were in love. And Beatrix would touch him…

Those dreams always ended in an explosive ejaculation. Where once the Daughters had been glad to see the evidence of his wet dreams, now Dee was displeased, and Freya worried.

"He is dissipating his power," Dee said, when they came in for the forth day in a row to find that he had soiled himself with semen. She paced the room in agitation while Freya cleaned him up. He was ashamed he had disappointed them again. His cock was hard. It was always hard, and Freya's gentle mopping with the wet towel was excruciating. He began to chant in his mind and got control. "He will never be ready at this rate."

Stephan's sense of impending failure made him cling desperately to the chant.

"Have patience, Dee. It has only been a year. We always knew it would take longer."

"But he was so promising at first. He was naturally highly-sexed, and he made great strides. Now this Kilkenny creature is making vampires in Britain, and we have no weapon to stop him, and Stephan," here she made a dismissive gesture at him, "is coming in his sleep."

Stancie stood with arms crossed over her ample bosom next to the fire, frowning. "I think we should rather increase the pace. Let us teach him not how to suppress the power, but to direct it. Suppressing it only results in these wasteful daytime ejaculations."

Dee was about to protest, but she shut her mouth, thinking. "Maybe Stancie is right. I'm… I'm not sure." She glanced to the stain on the wall in the corner. Dee was always sure. Both her sisters and Stephan looked at her in shock.

Freya stood. "No, Dee. You know what happens. We stick to the plan." She glanced between them. "And the plan is slow and steady. This is just a phase he's going through. When he gets good control with the chanting, these wet dreams will subside."

Stephan flushed in shame. They were trying to make him into the instrument of their kind's salvation and he was having wet dreams like a boy.

Dee pressed her lips together. "You're right, of course."

It was Stancie who looked disgruntled, her little bow mouth turned down. "Well at least say that we can increase the level of pain he must suppress."

Dee nodded. "Yes. You and Freya can both create wounds tonight." She turned to Stephan. "And you! You will obey implicitly. You must be ready to direct your power before you can do what you were meant to do. And if you cannot control these pointless ejaculations, perhaps some daylight punishment will motivate you."

Stephan swallowed. She didn't need to threaten him. He wanted nothing more than to complete his training and fulfill his purpose. But the threat of another of those horrible days in the sunlight made him quiver and broke his concentration.

He performed well that night. In spite of the wounds they made on him he was stoic, removed from pain by his focus on the chanting. He managed control as they used him.